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Sparking Multidisciplinary Collaboration through Making

January 27, 2017 | By

Megan Bowling, social studies teacher, and Tina Cornwell, language arts teacher, at Owsley County High School in Booneville, Kentucky collaborated to utilize their Learning Studio for a culminating assignment for two distinct time periods that had been studied in their respective classes.

The first time period was from ancient man up to the Age of Exploration. Students were given the opportunity to choose three products to produce from that time period.  After learning about the time periods and reading texts set in those time periods, students worked in teams to create a production plan and a materials list, then began to work on their products.  Products ranged from cave paintings of Native Americans to caravels that sailed on the ocean during the Age of Exploration.  The students made use of the 3-D printer, wood carving, clay and styrofoam modeling, and an array of craft materials.  From there, classes moved on to a second project focused on the Colonial period.

“The maker-space was a great success. The students enjoyed the process and we believe that it was a productive learning experience,” noted Ms. Bowling.

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