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Gentrification in the Bay Area

Gentrification in the Bay Area

Carlmont High School in Belmont, California

Winner of the 360 Filmmakers Challenge Learn & Grow Award – Spring 2017

From the filmmakers: “Our 360° video discusses the issues surrounding gentrification, the process of more affluent people and businesses entering deteriorating areas resulting in displacing the poorer residents, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were motivated to make this project because of the recent technological boom in all of the Bay Area that has been a large driver for the displacement that has occurred in various neighborhoods. We hope that this short film leaves an impact on all of the viewers by showcasing the main cause for big communities becoming vulnerable. The entire video would be a great accomplishment if the people who watch it, who had previously not known of gentrification, can now identify the issue.”

Discussion Prompts

  • What comes to mind when you hear the word gentrification?
  • In what ways does gentrification impact people differently depending on things like race, wealth, poverty, gender, and age?
  • Who do you think the intended audience is for this video?

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There are several ways to experience 360° video, including through a VR headset, a VR viewer connected to a mobile device, a mobile device on its own, or through a web-based video player, as demonstrated above. See for more about 360° video and “like” the 360 Filmmakers Challenge Facebook page for more youth-produced 360 media in the months ahead!

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