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Views of Oakland

Views of Oakland


Oakland High School, Oakland, California

Winner of the Hack 360 Award in the 360 Filmmakers Challenge – Spring 2016

Students give a tour of their school and share special places around Oakland, including a street art fair where graffiti artists can share their work.

Discussion Prompts

  • What did you learn from watching this video?
  • If you could ask someone in the video a question, what would you ask?
  • Was there a particular part of the video that you found most interesting or surprising?

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There are several ways to experience 360° video, including through a VR headset, a VR viewer connected to a mobile device, a mobile device on its own, or through a web-based video player, as demonstrated above. See for more about 360° video and “like” the 360 Filmmakers Challenge Facebook page for more youth-produced 360 media in the months ahead!

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