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Create an Action Campaign


You’ve created media, but you’re not done with the Challenge! For it to make an impact, you need to consider how to share it in a way that will get the result you want. This means creating an Action Campaign, and thinking about:

  • Inputs and resources: what you have on hand that could be useful in your campaign
  • Actions: what you and your team do to run the action campaign
    Outputs: what results you know you can get from your actions (including targets numbers, etc)
  • Impacts: the actual change you hope that will come from your actions and outputs (including how you will measure that the change is happening)

Remember the audience that you want your media to reach. If you already have access to them, they are an “input” or “resource”! If you don’t yet have access to them, think about what actions you can take that might get your media in front of them.

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