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Hosting a Local Showcase

You’ve worked hard on creating your media project!  Take time at your school and in your own community to celebrate the projects you produced.  Below are some tips for creating a Media Festival or Arcade to share your work.

  • Schedule – Pick a time, date (or dates) and location for your event.
  • Publicize – Invite friends, family, and others from your community to attend. Create a special poster or banner for the event, or for each of the media projects you will be sharing.
  • Set-Up – Create a space that’s conducive to having viewers engage with the media and interact with any youth producers who are there. Do you want to project media onto a screen? If you will be sharing video, do you have any headsets available? If so, how many headsets do you have available?  If you need more, is an organization that rents out equipment for special events (often for free for educational purposes.) Do you want to project media onto a screen? Will participants be sitting or standing when they experience media in the headset? If available, swivel chairs allow participants to look in all directions at the full 360 degree canvas.
  • Share – depending on the form, the experience of immersive media may be new for your participants. Consider how you will orient the group and individual viewers on how to interact with 360 media.
  • Connect – Discuss and interact with viewers. Unlike traditional media, viewing in 360° is a more individual experience. How will you support viewers to engage with the media, each other, and youth producers who are there? Consider hosting a panel discussion with the media makers to allow participants to ask questions and discuss the experience as a full group.
  • Celebrate – Have fun! Finishing your 360° media project was a big accomplishment!

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