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Personalize Your Challenge

This project is about making an impact in our communities using media. Your impact can be big or small, for many people or just for one person, but you should have a clear idea about what your message is before you start. Do you want to convince people of something? Help them learn something new? Inspire them to do something differently?

Your Idea

Take a blank piece of paper or document and write your name on the page. Your project starts with you: what you know, what you believe in, and what you care about.

Brainstorm issues that matter to you and your community. For ideas, look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 global goals affect every country on earth, and your own local community too.

From the list of issues that you develop, identify one that you feel strongest about. This will be the kernel for your challenge, and the immersive media you create. Don’t be afraid to make a choice! This is only one of the many stories you will tell throughout your life.

Write your issue here:

The issue I want to make an impact on is  ____________________.

Your Challenge

Remember that the challenge you were given is “Make an impact on an issue you care about using immersive media.”

Now, personalize that challenge by reframing it around the issue you identified. For example, if your issue is teen mental health, you might decide that your personalized challenge is something like: “Generate public support for the local teen center in my community,” or “Help people at my school learn what it’s like to have depression.”

Your challenge should grow from the issue you identified, and should be something you can make an impact on using media. Good challenges are relevant to your life and experience. Hint: they also start with a verb!

Write your challenge here:


In the next phase, you will learn more about immersive storytelling and design and how to use it to make an impact!

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