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Idea Development

Revisit the issue you chose to focus on. What else do you need to know about this issue before developing your story concept?

Guiding Questions

  • As the media creator, what do you need to learn to fully understand the scope of the issue your media addresses?
    • For example, if you are focusing on the water system in your local community, do you understand how it works? What else might you need to learn?
  • If your media will focus on a particular person or group, how can you help them understand the project and what’s involved?
    • For example, if you are focusing on someone’s story other than your own, how can you include the subject in the production process and authentically represent that person’s perspective?
  • How can you learn about your intended audience, and design your media to most impact them?
    • For example, if you want to share your media with local town officials to get them to change a policy, how can you learn about what affects their decision-making?

Write down more of your questions, and do some research (online, interviews, surveys, etc) to further investigate them before you finalize your story concept.


Stage a 360° Experience

Try this fun activity to play with the concept of a 360° experience without using any technology! The purpose of this exercise is to experiment with staging a scene in 360°, and to explore the experience of an audience member.


Make a 360° Photo Essay or Mini-Film

Take time to experiment with your equipment. No need to build a masterpiece – just try taking photos and short videos, and get used to the basic processes of moving files from the camera to the phone in order to watch in the headset.


Develop and Pitch Your Story Concept

Use this practice to refine your story idea and develop a pitch, then get feedback on your idea from peers.

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