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Developing an AR Design Concept

In the last practice you thought of your goal and audience and put all your ideas down during a brainstorm. Now it is time to visualize your idea(s). You can use a template to dissect your idea(s), explaining out the different stages of the experience.

This practice uses a template that has been designed by Sarah Tan. Have a look at the explanation and examples before your fill out the template for your own project. Filling it out will help you try out your ideas and check how feasible they are.

The examples below are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined by the United Nations.

The Global Goals are relevant to each and every individual around the world. Using AR to present the goals offers people an interactive layer onto which they can explore and demonstrate the impacts of different actions.

Example 1: COVID-19 Awareness

To combat COVID-19 and increase awareness to the public, AR can be used to show precautionary measures such as wearing masks while leaving the house. This concept uses filters to drive the awareness.

The virus will be portrayed as abstract shapes hovering around when users open their mouths. When the users close their mouths, a mask will appear on wrapped on their mouths and the COVID-19 virus indicators will disappear. A text will come in as an awareness tip: “Always keep your mask on while outside the house.”

Example 2: Repurposing Street Signs

This concept exhibits one of the strengths of Augmented Reality (enhancing the real world). It focuses on using street signs located all over the world to overlay digital information that shows statistics on the effects of climate change on the world. As an example, we will utilize the octagonal shaped STOP sign as the image target to launch the experience. The digital overlay layer will merge with the word “STOP” from the sign in the real world to emphasize the message. For example, “STOP: Global warming.”


Now it is time to try out the template with your idea(s). Click here for the pdf template (designed by Sarah Tan).

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