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Create an AR Action Campaign

You’ve created an AR experience, but you’re not done with the challenge! For it to make an impact you need to consider how to share it in a way that you get the result you want.

Create a campaign for your AR experience by considering the following:

  • Distribution platforms: Which platforms can you use to distribute your AR experience?
  • Marketing: How will you market your AR experience?
  • Outputs: What result do you hope to get through distribution and marketing your AR experience? (This includes target numbers)
  • Impacts: What change do you hope to make through your AR experience? (This includes how you will measure the amount of people reached.)

Remember the audience you were hoping to reach and think about how and where you will reach them.


Use this template to design your action campaign:  The two examples from the production stage have been included in this format to help you get started.

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