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Partners & Community

CIRCL works with other institutions, centers, and communities on common needs and opportunities. For example:

  • CIRCL Perspectives highlight what drives the work of researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, museum staff, and others in the cyberlearning community and what they think the community should be doing.
  • The CIRCL Educators’ Corner, written by and for educators, provides a sneak preview of next-generation technologies in order to bridge cyberlearning research with classroom practice and broaden the community of people involved in CIRCL.
  • The Cyberlearning Community Report was organized by CIRCL and co-authored by 22 members of the U.S. cyberlearning community

CIRCL itself is a collaborative effort of four institutions and has a strong cadre of expert consultants who support our activities. Digital Promise is the lead organization for CIRCL; SRI International formerly led the effort. CIRCL is managed by Jeremy Roschelle and a leadership team comprised of Patricia Schank, Judith Fusco, Shari Gardner (SRI), Sarita Nair-Pillai (EDC), and Kevin Brown (NORC).

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