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Computational Thinking

Digital Promise is helping educators integrate computational thinking to amplify and enrich lessons across the curriculum.

This website is a resource for educators, classroom teachers, building administrators, and district leaders, to learn about and build capacity for students to engage in computational thinking.

Integrating computing thinking into every classroom is not something that can be left to individual educators. If we are to equip every student in the next generation with the skillset to participate in our technological society, all educators, across disciplines and grade bands, need to provide opportunities for students to engage in computational skills and practices. Educational leaders at the district and school levels must prioritize the initiative and build capacity for teachers to do so.

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We call all educators to integrate computational thinking into disciplinary learning across K-12 education, while centering inclusivity, to equip students with the skills they need to participate in our increasingly technological world and promote justice for students and society at large.

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