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Designing for Learning

Welcome Edcamp organizers and participants! Digital Promise, and Transcend are excited to offer a new resource for the Edcamp community!

You will be receiving Transcend’s Designing for Learning Cards, either at an in-person Edcamp, or more likely right now, mailed directly to you after attending an online Edcamp! The 16-card deck aims to inspire teachers and school leaders to design effective learning environments and experiences for students, based on insights from neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, and education.

We hope you are as excited about these cards as we are and take the opportunity to integrate them into your teaching practice. The insights from these cards can be used to improve your students’ learning experience, whether you are in person, online, or using a hybrid model. On the page below, you’ll find information about earning Digital Promise micro-credentials aligned to the Designing for Learning cards. We hope you take advantage of furthering your professional learning!

To help us learn more about our community and the impact of these cards on educators, please take a five-minute survey by clicking the button below.

Extend your learning with Digital Promise Micro-credentials aligned to the Designing for Learning cards developed by Transcend Education. Micro-credentials, or digital certifications, recognize the skills and competencies you demonstrate in the classroom that can grow from using the cards.

1. Focused Attention

2. Manageable Cognitive Load

3. Meaningful Encoding

4. Effective Practice

5. High-Quality Feedback

6. Metacognitive Thinking

7. Value

8. Self-Efficacy

9. Sense of Control

10. Constructive Emotions

11. Self-Understanding

12. Sense of Belonging

13. Navigating Identity Threats

14. Life Experiences

15. Developmental State

16. Learning Differences

*Denotes a micro-credential with an assessment fee. Use code MC4EDCAMP. Do not share this coupon code with others.   

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