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Micro-credential Professional Services

Micro-credentials provide educators with personalized support and competency-based recognition for the many skills they learn throughout their careers, regardless of where and how they learned them. With digital badges, educators can document and share their accomplishments.

Digital Promise provides the following services to support schools, districts, states, and organizations implementing micro-credentials. Services can be combined as needed.

Micro-credentialing has made me step back and look at how I approach teaching… I feel like I’m being challenged...
Elizabeth Forward School District

Digital Promise Educator Micro-credential Services

Platform Data Reporting – ($10/educator)

  • Gain insight into how your community of educators uses and is successful with micro-credentials on our platform

Assessment Fees (Issuers may charge a fee to support the assessment of submitted evidence)

  • Educators can pay per submission (prices listed on the platform)
  • Districts, states, and organizations can prepay assessment fees in batches (includes processing fee)

Virtual Leadership Support – $3,000

  • Virtual introduction of micro-credentials for a leadership team
  • Administration of professional learning needs analysis
  • Support for the identification of program goals, participating educators, relevant micro-credentials, and incentives
  • Technical support and development of communication assets

Educator Workshop at your location – $3,000 (for up to 50 participants)

  • Orientation to micro-credentials
  • Getting started with the Educator Micro-credential platform
  • Facilitated micro-credential selection
  • Structured collaboration with peers
  • Preparing for learning, classroom implementation and evidence collection

Evaluation and Reporting – $2,500

  • Administration of a pre- and post-survey
  • Administrative feedback post survey
  • Data analysis and report on findings

For more information, contact microcredentials@digitalpromise.org.

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