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Micro-credential Professional Services

Digital Promise works with states, districts, and schools to implement and build incentive structures for micro-credentials. Micro-credentials can be aligned with district priorities to support professional learning structures and to evaluate the impact of professional learning to gain insight into whether state/district goals are being met.

Micro-credentials can support districts to address:

  • Access to professional learning opportunities
  • Balancing district priorities with educators’ needs and interests
  • Educators’ satisfaction with professional learning
  • Teacher retention
  • Use of research-based instructional practices
Micro-credentialing has made me step back and look at how I approach teaching… I feel like I’m being challenged...
Elizabeth Forward School District

Digital Promise provides the following services to support micro-credential implementation. Contact microcredentials@digitalpromise.org for more information and to schedule a demo.

Digital Promise Educator Micro-credential Services

Institutional Implementation Support – $5,000

  • Administration of professional learning needs analysis
  • Support for the identification of program goals, participating educators, and relevant micro-credentials
  • Support on program design and incentives
  • Technical support and development of communications assets

Educator Engagement Workshop – $3,000 (for up to 50 participants)

  • Orientation to micro-credentials
  • Getting started with the Educator Micro-credentials platform
  • Facilitated micro-credential selection
  • Structured collaboration with peers
  • Preparing for learning, classroom implementation, and evidence collection

Evaluation and Reporting – $5,000

  • Administration of a pre- and post-surveys
  • Data analysis and report on findings
  • Administrative feedback post survey

Platform Data Reporting – ($1,000 for up to 100 educators; additional $10/educator thereafter)

  • Gain insight into how your community of educators uses and is successful with micro-credentials on our platform

Assessment Fees (Issuers may charge a fee to support the assessment of submitted evidence)

  • Educators can pay per submission (prices listed on the platform)
  • Districts, states, and organizations can prepay assessment fees in batches (includes processing fee)

For more information, contact microcredentials@digitalpromise.org.

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