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The power of micro-credentials, for me, is the ability to be reflective on my teaching, to really look at what I have done in the past, what I want to do in the future, identify my areas of weakness, and see still, how can I improve as an educator.
Karen Grimm
Teacher, Seminole County Public Schools
I would do a micro-credential again because it has helped me to not only reflect better and be more intentional and thoughtful, but it's actually given me practical choice in what I get to do and pursue.
Allison Ball
Teacher, Kingsport City Schools

Building relationships with a wide range of education experts is central to Digital Promise’s growing micro-credential ecosystem. Digital Promise partners with institutes of higher education, non-profit organizations, and county offices of education to develop rigorous, research-based micro-credentials.

Our partners include:

Digital Promise also supports the development of micro-credential ecosystems and works in close partnership with the National Education Association (NEA) on micro-credential development. NEA micro-credentials are created by educators, for educators. More than 150 micro-credentials are available to choose from across a variety of topics. To learn more, go to

If you are interested in becoming a Micro-credential Issuer please contact us.

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