Sample Micro-credentials – Digital Promise

Sample Micro-credentials

Digital Promise has partnered with several organizations to develop over 300 micro-credentials on a variety of competencies. See below for some samples of this work.


UsingTimeExampleUsing Wait Time Effectively

Issued by Digital Promise

When asked a question, students need time to process and understand what they were asked before they can answer effectively. Research shows that language, logic, attitudes, and expectations improve when students and teachers pause before responding to a question.

Read the full Using Wait Time Effectively micro-credential

Technology Coaching

Visionary Leadership for Technology

Issued by Digital Promise

The digital learning coach works collaboratively with other leaders to envision, plan, implement, and prepare to assess school change initiatives for technology that focus on educator and student results.

Read the full Visionary Leadership for Technology micro-credential

Personalized Learning – Core Components

Customized Learning Paths

Issued by Institute for Personalized Learning

The practitioner guides students to utilize self-reflection and teacher feedback when developing their unique learning paths. Students self-reflect on academic readiness, learning preferences, and hobbies/interests, and use a framework of questions to create their paths toward learning standards/outcomes.

Read the full Customized Learning Paths micro-credential

Getting Started With Making

maker-ed-designing-a-space-for-makingDesigning a Space for Making

Issued by Maker Ed

Educator designs an environment that is conducive to maker-centered education and based on the needs and experiences of their community members.

Read the full Designing a Space for Making micro-credential

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