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Who We Serve

Digital Promise’s vision is for people at every stage of their lives to have access to learning experiences that help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive and continuously learn in an ever-changing world.

Micro-credentials earned through our Platform recognize and verify the skills that individuals learn throughout their careers. Micro-credentials serve educators, schools, districts, states, employers, and professional development and training providers. Explore this page to learn more.


Micro-credentials put you in the driver’s seat of your professional learning. By selecting micro-credentials that are aligned to your personal goals, student needs, or school-wide priorities, you can personalize your professional learning, earning recognition for the skills you develop throughout your career. And best of all—you can do it on your time.

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I was frustrated with the limitations of professional learning offered by my district. Most teachers have been successfully implementing personalized learning for students for years, yet our own learning remains regimented. Micro-credentials have been an extraordinary part of my journey as an educator.

Jennifer Vandiver
National Board Certified math teacher from Tennessee

While we were working on this micro-credential in my classroom, I was learning and my students were learning as well. We had multiple opportunities to achieve the skill in the micro-credential together. Then, as I worked through that, I was able to see evidence of their growth and then use that as evidence in my micro-credential.

Rachel Heaton
Teacher, Kingsport City Schools

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Schools & Districts

Empower your educators by letting them take control of their professional learning. All micro-credentials in Digital Promise’s ecosystem are grounded in sound research that illustrates how that competency supports student learning.

Digital Promise works with schools and districts to implement and build incentive structures for micro-credentials. Micro-credentials can be aligned with school and district priorities to support professional learning structures and to evaluate the impact of professional learning to gain insight into whether state/district goals are being met.

Micro-credentials can support schools and districts to address:

  • Access to professional learning opportunities
  • Balancing district priorities with educators’ needs and interests
  • Educators’ satisfaction with professional learning
  • Teacher retention
  • Use of research-based instructional practices
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Our educators have embraced micro-credentials, and they appreciate the newfound ability to drive their professional learning within the constraints of their personal lives.

Pat Deklotz
Superintendent, Kettle Moraine School District

[The teachers] are seeing that it fits perfectly for the work that we’re doing…and we’re eager to see what the effect will be on our classrooms.

Rachel Crider
Principal, Allen Elementary School


A growing number of states are leveraging micro-credentials as a way for teachers to demonstrate evidence of effectiveness and are allocating incentives for educators who earn micro-credentials.

States can use micro-credentials to strengthen their systems around:

  • Initial teacher licensure
  • Teacher recertification and professional development
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Career advancement

Read our latest policy paper to find out more about state engagement across the nation as well as state challenges micro-credentials can help address.

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Digital Promise has expanded its work on competency-based professional learning beyond the field of education to advocate for the use of micro-credentials across workforce development.

As the nature of work continuously shifts in demands, there must be equitable access and opportunity for all employees to learn new skills and to demonstrate critical skills necessary for career advancement.

Workforces such as nursing and employers like Kaiser Permanente are leveraging the power of job-embedded, on-demand learning to create continuous learning opportunities that allow them to expand who enters the workforce and define the skills most important to success within the field.

Digital Promise works with employers to help identify gaps in learning opportunities and skills, design systems to recognize employees for their skills, and develop competency-based career pathways.

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Micro-credentials offer a way to legitimize your skills when breaking into a new role, company, or industry. It’s like a badge of honor and gives individuals more confidence when walking into an opportunity.

Lorena Cuffy
Digital Outreach Coordinator, University AME Zion Church

Professional Development & Training Providers

Professional development and training providers support individuals in gaining knowledge and understandings about critical skill areas for their jobs. Collecting evidence and data through micro-credentials on the transferral of skills from training, workshops, and programs to job-embedded practices is important in measuring the impact of your work, highlighting the stories of success, and providing insight into common gaps in training and implementation.

Read about our research-based micro-credential framework.

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