Innovation Spotlights: Professional Learning Resources to Assist Schools with Leveraging Technology to Improve STEM Instruction - Digital Promise

With funding from the Office of Educational Technology of the U.S. Department of Education, this project is “spotlighting” a variety of strategies for leveraging digital technology to support STEM learning.

To provide tangible examples of different strategies for using digital technology to support STEM learning, Digital Promise is examining practices at a diverse set of schools from across the country to identify exemplary implementation of research-based teaching and learning strategies that it will document in a set of video cases.

Based on its systematic review of the learning sciences literature, Digital Promise identified a set of innovative and effective strategies for supporting K-12 STEM learning with digital technology. Schools that are implementing one or more of the strategies well are being selected for video spotlights. The spotlight videos, instructional resources related to the activities shown in the videos, and a rubric for evaluating use of technology to support STEM learning will be made available to the public through the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology website.

Download the full STEM Spotlight Framework

Immediate, Individualized Feedback

At Greene Central High School in Snow Hill, NC, students receive individualized and real-time feedback while working through problems sets in their mathematics class.

Embedded Assessments

Students at Pine Grove Middle School in East Syracuse, NY improve their ideas about the impact of species on the food chain using feedback from teacher and peer embedded assessment.

Engineering Design Processes

At Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary School in St. Petersburg, FL, students learn about engineering design processes by keeping an ice cube from melting.

Computational Thinking

At South Side Elementary School in Kendalville, IN, students learn computational thinking starting in kindergarten and develop advanced reasoning skills throughout their elementary school years.

Collaborative Reasoning

At Schoo Middle School in Lincoln, NE, students strengthen their collaborative reasoning skills by making hypotheses how a record produces sound.

Evidence-Based Models

At Cedars International Next Generation High School in Austin, TX, students learn about evidence-based models while building out a plan for their dream school.

Science Argumentation Skills

At Weaver Lake STEM Elementary School in Maple Grove, MN, students learn science argumentation through data collection at the lake.

Dynamic Representations

At Walter Bracken STEAM Elementary School in Las Vegas, NV, students learn about dynamic representations by looking at weather pattern changes.

Project-based Interdisciplinary Learning

At Henrietta Lacks Health & Bioscience High School in Vancouver, WA, students experience project-based interdisciplinary in a pharmacy class project focused on sunscreens.

Engineering Design Processes

At Design Tech High School in Redwood City, CA, students learn the engineering design processes by planning and building their senior project.

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