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K-12 Systems Change

In addition to studying powerful learning in classrooms, our research team examines the systems necessary to scale improvements across many classrooms, schools, and regions. To enable change, we form partnerships with practitioners to investigate strategies, resources, norms, routines, and other factors that support educators to implement innovations effectively. This typically involves considering change at multiple levels (i.e., students, teachers, teacher leaders, and school and district leaders) and documenting the factors and processes that facilitate learning at each level, among adults as well as students.

Example Projects
In our Computational Thinking Pathways project, we are working with three districts from the League of Innovative Schools to design and research K-12 pathways that integrate computational thinking into the core curriculum and give students a more consistent and cumulative learning experience from kindergarten through 12th grade.

We examine the use of the Assessment-to-Instruction (A2i) Professional Support System, a technology-based tool that supports teachers in differentiating their literacy instruction, in the United2Read project.

In the CIRCL project, we work with CIRCLEducators to showcase examples of using technology to deepen learning in practice. We have developed a course to help close the gap between the learning sciences and K-12 practice.

Additional projects tackle other school subjects, including science, mathematics, engineering, technology, history, and literacy (e.g., the STEM High Schools project).

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