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The Edtech Marketplace Today blog series invites voices from the field to highlight the ways in which the edtech marketplace struggles to meet the needs of learners, educators, or research-based product developers. Learn how these challenges impact school and district leaders, teachers, students, and product developers and try the authors’ suggested solutions in your own work to enhance your experience navigating the edtech market. By working together, Digital Promise and stakeholders from the field can collaboratively design solutions to improve the market, and ultimately improve learning.

Sixth-grade math teachers discuss their lessons during a team planning session.

Guest Post: How and When to Choose the Right LMS for Your School Community

Author: Ken Dirkin
Michigan Virtuals shares a guide for selecting a learning management system (LMS) for K-12 education

Teachers and staff from UCLA Community School meet with UCLA professors to discuss the various research projects happening at the school.

Guest Post: Crowdsourcing Your K-12 Innovations: Three Lessons Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Dr. Dave Richards
Michigan Virtuals shares three lessons learned through crowdsourcing K-12 innovations

Middle school history teachers discuss their lesson plans for teaching about the Great Depression.

Guest Post: Four Secret Ingredients for Building a Community of Leaders in the Face of Uncertainty

Author: Jamey Fitzpatrick
What one cohort of Michigan educators learned while building a grassroots educational leadership movement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jobert Ngwenya blog post header

Guest Post: Navigating Zimbabwe’s Competence Curriculum: A Push for Student-Driven Tech

Author: Jobert Ngwenya
By giving students autonomy to select the kinds of tech they want to use to show their learning, educators can support a collaborative and engaging classroom environment.

Guest Post: Strategically Embedding Edtech to Reach State Tech Standards

Author: Laurie Guyon
When and how does it make sense to use edtech to align with standards?

Middle school English language arts classroom

Guest Post: Un-Siloing Edtech: Stimulating Reflection and Metacognition in the Classroom

Author: Jeff Durney
Tips for using edtech in unconventional ways to encourage collaboration

Guest Post: The Papert Test: A Filter for Picking Powerful Edtech 

Author: Matthew Green
Creating a test for edtech that helps teachers find tools that support student agency, choice, and creativity in learning

Three Ideas to Find Edtech that Will Transform the Future of Learning

Author: Sierra Noakes
Three ideas to effectively leverage stimulus funds

Four Questions Education Leaders are Asking to Find the Best Edtech

Author: Sierra Noakes
Four questions to determine which tools best meet your learners’ needs

Guest Post: Nurturing Relationships and Teacher Needs During COVID-19

Authors: Ivey Homer and Dr. Natalie Osborne Smith
How school closures increased support and impacted the coach-teacher-district relationship

Elementary school student uses tablet

Guest Post: Raising Expectations and Addressing Inequities in Edtech

Author: Mary Beth Hertz
We must take steps to improve equity in the technology found in schools.


Fourth-grade teacher with class sitting in a circle around her.

Guest Post: Reimagine What Learning Looks Like in a Classroom

Author: Dr. L. Robert Furman
Leverage learners’ growth during remote learning to reimagine classrooms

A child uses a tablet with many apps to choose from
COVID-19 Calls for Edtech Accountability

Author: Sierra Noakes
Educators deserve to know which edtech products will meet their learners’ needs

illustration of blue ribbon and technology symbols

Which Edtech Tool Should I Choose?

Author: Sierra Noakes
Find a strategy to select edtech likely to meet your students’ needs

child plays with colored tiles

Guest Post: The Missing Piece: What Most Edtech Companies Need & Only a Few Have

Author: Molly Zielezinski, PhD
Learn how edtech can better communicate with educators


group of people sitting at table

Be Transparent: Share the Research Behind Edtech

Author: Christina Luke, Ph.D.
Four reasons products should be transparent about their use of learning sciences research


group of people sit at table

Building Strong Relationships During the Edtech Purchasing Process

Author: Digital Promise
10 tips for edtech vendors to build strong relationships with educators.


illustration of people interacting with technology

Market Signals for Research-Based Innovations

Author: Sierra Noakes
Learn how product certifications can improve the edtech industry.


two people talking

How to Build Strong Relationships During the Edtech Purchasing Process

Author: Digital Promise
8 tips for educators to build strong relationships with edtech vendors.


group of teachers

Guest Post: How Effective Is Your Edtech Tool? Five Questions to Ask

Author: Karin Forssell, PhD
Tips to help you better understand edtech impact.


Teachers working together in the library.

Guest Post: Challenges Facing Edtech Procurement and Possible Solutions: Part 2

Author: Andrew J. Smith, Ed. D.
Explore tools, resources, and best practices to find and buy edtech based on student needs.


Teacher in classroom with students

Guest Post: Check Your Tech Before You Select Your Tech

Author: Ivey Homer
A middle school teacher/coach shares her guiding questions to selecting effective technology.

Student works at her computer in class.

Guest Post: Edtech Matchmaking: One Teacher’s Strategies for Choosing Better Technology

Author: Mary Beth Hertz
Learn what edtech selection and procurement have in common with dating sites.


The author Savitha Moorthy and her family.

Guest Post: 4 Ways Parents Use Media to Support Learning for Toddlers

Author: Savitha Moorthy, Executive Director of Tandem, Partners in Early Learning.
A parent shares strategies for screen time and connected parenting.


Group of people working at table

5 Steps to Ensure Inclusive Technology for All Learners

Author: Sierra Noakes
Ensure that your school’s edtech products meet the needs of each unique learner


Students work with laptops in classroom

Guest Post: Students Speak: How Technology Can Transform Learning

Author: Jonathan Piper II
A high school student shares his perspective on edtech and equity


Students work on computers at school

Guest Post: Challenges and Possible Solutions for Edtech Procurement: Part 1

Author: Andrew J. Smith, Ed. D.
Antiquated, exclusive processes create challenges for edtech procurement.

Two students working at computer

Guest Post: Edtech, Equity, and Innovation: A Critical Look in the Mirror

Author: Ace Parsi
Intentional edtech investment holds the market accountable to equitable outcomes.

Teacher and student working with edtech

Guest Post: How Can We Make Edtech More Effective? Focused Content

Author: Kara Carpenter, Ph.D., Cofounder, Teachley
Focus on instructionally challenging topics instead of perpetuating shallow “coverage.”

Teacher and student working with edtech

Guest Post: 4 Ways to Discover the Best Edtech

Author: Dr. L. Robert Furman, Principal of South Park Elementary Center in South Park Township, PA
Try these strategies to discover and select edtech for your classroom.

Illustration of people working on technology and connected to each other

Who Does the Edtech Marketplace Benefit, Anyway?

Author: Sierra Noakes, Research Project Manager at Digital Promise
Launching a new series that discusses how the current edtech marketplace fails to meet learners’ needs.

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