2019 Annual Report – Digital Promise

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Letter from the CEO

Karen Cator

Typically, annual reports represent a moment of reflection and celebration. They allow us to look back on what was accomplished in the last year, and to set the stage for critical work ahead.

This annual report, however, finds us at an extraordinary moment. Around the world, educational institutions have temporarily closed to try to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, millions of students are attempting to continue their learning outside of the physical classroom.

For years, Digital Promise has worked to close the Digital Learning Gap to ensure all students have equitable access to the internet and technology for powerful learning opportunities, both in and out of school. The need to close this gap has never been more urgent.

This 2019 Annual Report reflects our long-standing commitment to equity and the strong foundation we have laid to respond to what’s happening in education today. Below, we highlight ways in which we advance equity through our networks, research, and powerful learning practices. While the focus of each project differs, the overarching goal is centered on improving opportunities for all learners.

Today, our commitment to equity is firmer than ever. As always, we’re grateful for the philanthropic supporters and corporate partners who help make our work possible, as well as our talented team.

It is difficult to imagine where we’ll be this time next year. But reflecting on our work and the scope of what our society must achieve makes moving forward that much more meaningful.

Karen Cator

Karen Cator
President and CEO

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