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Ask an Educator Podcast Series

“Ask an Educator” shines a spotlight on educators across the country who are engaging in micro-credentials. This series will share stories of teachers from different schools, grades, and subject areas to learn about their unique classrooms, challenges, professional learning goals, and how micro-credentials play a role in helping to reach them.

Season 2

Episode 1: “Deepening Student Perseverance with Micro-credentials” – Brian Koster, Florida Virtual School

Episode 2: “Micro-credentials Unlocking Student Strengths” – Rachel Heaton, Kingsport TN Schools

Episode 3: “Student Empowerment in the ELA Classroom through Micro-credentials” – Gwen Szymczak, Bristol Township Schools

Episode 4: “Unleashing Student Ownership in the Classroom through Micro-credentials” – Angie Milliren, Elizabeth Forward Schools

Episode 5: “Supporting Students Navigating Trauma with Micro-credentials” – Aneka Stewart, DC Public Schools

Episode 6: “Empowering ESL Students through Micro-credentials” – Dana Siegel, Collierville TN Schools

Episode 7: “Empowering the Elementary Learner through Micro-credentials” – Tisha Greek, Seminole County Schools

Episode 8: “Leading Dynamic, Data-informed Teaching with Micro-credentials” – Marc Walls, Clarksville TN Schools

Season 1

Episode 8: “Micro-credentials and Learning Risks for Teacher Growth” – Jennifer Vandiver, Wayne County Schools

Episode 7: “Building a Culture of Validated Learning with Micro-credentials” – Cate Tolnai, Santa Clara County Office of Education

Episode 6: “Building a Teacher Community with Micro-credentials” – Kiera Beddes, Juab School District

Episode 5: “Moving Past Teaching Comfort Zones through Micro-credentials” – Kurt Morris, Kettle Moraine School District

Episode 4: “Next Generation Teacher Training and Micro-credentials” – Tyler Jones, Educators Rising

Episode 3: “Micro-credentials, Teacher Coaching, and PD Design ” – Jill Snell, Baltimore County Public Schools

Episode 2: “Teacher Leadership and Micro-credentials” – Barnett Berry, Center for Teaching Quality

Episode 1: “The Promise of Micro-credentials” – Karen Cator, Digital Promise

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