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CBL Workshops

In our CBL workshops, learners will be guided through the Challenge Based Learning framework (Engage, Investigate, Act). In teams, participants will develop a challenge statement and work through the framework together.

Learning Outcomes

Provide a positive, high energy experience that results in knowledgeable and confident learners, who will:

  • Reflect on current practices
  • Identify their passions about the content and teaching
  • Understand the foundations of CBL
  • Understand the flow of CBL
  • Consider ways that CBL can be applied in their environment

Who should participate?

This workshop is for educators to discover how the challenge based learning framework can move them beyond the basics of using technology in the classroom to support teaching and learning.

Sample Agenda:

Why Challenges?

  • Overview
  • Foundations
  • The Framework
  • Documentation and Reflection


  • Big Ideas
  • Essential Question
  • Challenge


  • Guiding Questions
  • Guiding Activities and Resources
  • Curriculum and Standards Alignment
  • Analysis


  • Solution Development
  • Implementation and Evaluation

Additional days:

Day 2:

  • CBL in Your Classroom
  • Onsite Implementation Support

Workshop Logistics:

  • Workshop length 1 day (6 hours)
  • Maximum number of participants 25
  • Technical requirements
    • Wireless internet access
    • Speakers
    • Projector
  • Individual Participant requirements:
    • Access to personal device
    • Basic computing skills
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