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Digital Promise Challenge Institute Crowdfunding Outline

WHY are you attending?

What do you want to get out of the Challenge Institute? What are a few of the biggest challenges you’re facing? What area would you like to focus on in your professional learning?

(list ones relevant to you)

  • How to support social and emotional learning
  • How to develop expert problem solvers
  • How to inspire middle schoolers to love math
  • How to help students develop empathy
  • How to use technology to support early learning
  • Add your own!

HOW will attending get you closer to solving your challenges?

I will learn how to use the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) framework to:

  • Move from an abstract idea to a concrete and actionable challenge through essential questioning
  • Build a foundation for solutions through research
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based solutions

CBL is a framework for learning while solving real-world challenges. Through an immersive and collaborative process, CBL asks all participants to identify challenges and implement thoughtful and sustainable solutions as part of a vibrant community.

Not only will I work to solve challenges I am facing at my school and in my classroom, I will also return to school in the fall prepared to introduce the CBL framework to my students and engage them in the same experience.

A wide variety of hands-on and interactive workshops will be offered on topics directly related to my challenge such as (choose the ones that are relevant to you)…

  • Maker Learning – Remake your classroom, library or school with low-cost, creative experiences that will build your students DIY attitude.
  • Computational Thinking – Use data, visualizations and algorithms in any subject… from STEM to Social Studies.
  • Stories are Evidence Too – Explore Monterey and produce stories with new and immersive 360 media.
  • Early STEM – Integrate STEM into your early learning programs through exploration and play.
  • Learning Sciences – Leverage the latest advances in the learning sciences and create new ways to understand and engage your students.
  • The Classroom as Research Center – Close the gap between research and teaching by turning your classroom into an applied research center.

What makes you and your students special?

You know this best! Describe your classroom and how your students will benefit from your professional learning.

Share how appreciative you will be for help.

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