Elizabeth Forward School District - Digital Promise

Elizabeth Forward School District


Number of Students


Free and Reduced Lunch


Students with Access to High Speed Broadband


K-12 Students with Access to a Personal School-provided Device (1:1)

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Developing a 1:1 device program: All students in K-12 at Elizabeth Forward School District (EFSD) have iPads, creating a culture that supports computer science courses and learning using technology.

Building a K-12 curriculum in digital fabrication and computational thinking: The district has developed curricula in both digital fabrication and computational thinking, where students are exposed to digital fabrication tools and programming to build and create products.

Transforming learning spaces, library media centers, and classrooms: EFSD has transformed many of its previously underutilized school spaces into colorful, dynamic spaces that foster collaboration and exploration among students during and outside of class hours, inspired by the Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center and other community partners.

Partnering with universities, local businesses, and other school districts: The district leverages the robust network of philanthropy, industry, museums, and universities in Pittsburgh to provide deeper learning opportunities for students.

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