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Enlarged City School District of Middletown


Number of Students


Free and Reduced Lunch


Students with Access to High Speed Broadband


K-12 Students with Access to a Personal School-provided Device (1:1)

Learn from this district about:

Creating a two-year kindergarten program: The Enlarged City School District of Middletown has a two-year kindergarten program for students who are not kindergarten-ready; the first year is an introduction to get them to the point where they should be going into kindergarten, and the second year is acclimating and getting them ready for first grade.

Implementing a no-social-promotion policy: The district has instituted a proficiency-only advancement policy, so students don’t simply advance because they are one year older. This gives students the gift of time, so they are ready for later grades

Providing free college courses for all students: The district offers college-level courses (provided in partnership with Syracuse University) for free to all students, which the district notes drastically increased the number of enrolled low-income students.

Using OER resources: Teachers access Open Educational Resources (OER) tools Gooru, Knowmia, and Khan Academy to find and create content for students.

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