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Making space for weekly computer science instruction: Juab empowers teachers with resources and time to ensure student success in computer science. With a $124,000 grant from the STEM Action Center, students in grades 4-6 have access to weekly computer science instruction starting in the 2018-2019 school year. Lab technicians are provided with professional learning, support, and peer coaching to students computational thinking principles using Scratch. We have also partnered with BootUp PD to empower our teachers and lab technicians and provide much-needed support to all elementary students by immersing them in practical and imaginative curricula that extends beyond coding.

Pursuing more flexible schedules in secondary schools: Juab uses 5×5 scheduling, which facilitates student voice and choice. Choices include dual enrollment with a local community college, IVC courses, CTE/vocational pathways, and internships. Secondary students build their own schedules to meet their educational goals. Students engage in e-days, flipped classroom experiences, and WaspOnline for original and credit recovery.

Using a learning management system for all secondary students: Juab has implemented Canvas for all secondary courses, connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one place. Teachers have created landing pages for each course that include standards and resources for extension and intervention. Teachers also engage in the platform as students for their own personalized professional learning.

Implementing a competency-based math program: Juab High School uses a competency-based program for math in secondary school, allowing students to self-assess, redirect, and progress at their own pace.

Exploring microcredentials: Juab teachers are piloting micro-credentials as a professional learning platform. Educators are compensated for successful completion, and are given the opportunity to build their own pathways based on the core four of personalized learning in order to become teacher leaders in the district. Teachers complete micro-credentials individually or in a cohort-model.

Dr. Kodey Hughes


Other District Leaders: Royd Darrington, Tony Sperry

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