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Meriden Public Schools

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K-12 Students with Access to a Personal School-provided Device (1:1)

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Promoting student agency and voice through student-designed learning: Meriden’s Personalized Learning Experiences (PLEs) allow students to explore their interests, personal talents, and possible career tracks for school credit. By choosing to study digital photography, wind turbine development, or advanced astronomy, students take ownership over their learning in a subject area of their choice during the school day. Students work with specialized PLE coordinators at school to develop an individual plan of learning that aligns with Common Core and CTE standards.

Improving equity through policy design: After a review of data showed lower achievement and engagement for certain student groups, the district redesigned policies to focus on equity. They opened access to all advanced placement and honors courses by removing complicated prerequisites, and implemented a no-zero policy to recognize the value of all student work. The district also reduced a previous five-level course structure with two college prep levels, reducing tracking and increasing diversity in the classroom.

Working to eliminate the digital divide: To support the digital transformation, students have access to a district-issued device and can check out mobile hotspots from the school media center.

Focusing on social-emotional learning and support: Initiatives introducing restorative justice and Youth Dialogues to Meriden support development of the whole child. Support systems are also in place to address homelessness, bullying, and other critical issues facing students.

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