Winton Woods City Schools – Digital Promise

Winton Woods City Schools

Winton Woods City Schools

825 Waycross Road, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45240


Number of Students


Free and Reduced Lunch


Students with Access to High Speed Broadband


K-12 Students with Access to a Personal School-provided Device (1:1)

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Aligning learning outcomes and student assessment: The district uses five learning outcomes that align to student assessment, including knowledge and thinking, oral communication, written communication, collaboration, and agency.

Offering project-based learning opportunities: The district provides deeper content understanding through project-based learning for grades PreK-12 students, using student-led learning and a teacher-as-facilitator model.

Enabling students to design their campuses: The district had an open call for submissions for two new student-designed campuses to support, enhance, and empower acquisition and application of 21st century skills.

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