ASU+GSV Summit 2022 – Digital Promise

ASU+GSV Summit 2022

Digital Promise is excited to participate in-person in the major global edtech ASU+GSV Summit! Our sessions including Stage X and Spotlight Stage sessions, will speak to the role powerful learning and new technologies can play in accelerating innovative solutions, particularly when centering practitioner and student voice and perspective. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Digital Promise Sessions at ASU+GSV Summit


Seeking Innovations to Leapfrog and Accelerate 2 Gen Approaches to Learning and Economic Security
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How might we use disruptive innovations, widespread access to broadband, and new technologies to leapfrog critical needs like disrupted and unfinished learning for students and the social and economic needs of their families and community? Join us for this panel moderated by D’Andre Weaver and featuring Arne Duncan, Michael Campbell, Gabriella Rowe, Kristina Ishmael, and Rebecca Winthrop.
Seaport Ballroom G, Level 2, 2:10 p.m. PT

Improving Edtech and Classroom Practice through Educator-industry Partnerships
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Centering the voices and perspectives of practitioners is key to inclusive innovation and design. In this session, audiences will hear from Rebecca Banks, Gus Schmedlen, Tameka Cooper, Steve Isaacs, and Dr. Kylie Peppler on the power of grounding products in practice.
Harbor F, Level 2, 2:10 p.m. PT

Inclusive Innovation: Designing Belonging, Identity, and Culture into Product Learning Experiences
Today’s education products and services need to reflect our dynamically changing student consumer landscape where students are seen, heard and valued in learning experiences. Products that are reflective of today’s students will shape the future of teaching and learning. Join this workshop style session led by Kimberly Smith and D’Andre Weaver, with perspectives from Susan Enfield, Heather Dowdy, Ben Grimley, and Twana Young, to learn about practices of inclusive innovation in guiding equitable and inclusive design.
Vista A/B, 32nd Floor, 3:50 p.m. PT

Centering and Amplifying Student Voice & Choice
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What are young people experiencing in the classroom today? How have the past two years impacted their view of education? How can the education sector follow their lead and pave the way toward a more equitable and just learning environment? Join Dewayne McClary, Julie Mitchell, Marlon Styles, Katie Martin, and student leaders Isabel Ortego and Andrea Dela Victoria on identifying the student perspective of education and a pathway to achieving a more equitable learning environment for all students.
Harbor F, Level 2, 4:40 p.m. PT

(Re)Designing Edtech to Unlock Powerful Learning
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Equitable, personalized, and powerful use of technology will enable and sustain the powerful learning and unlock the full potential of all learners. Darin Brawley, David Miyashiro, Quenton Cook, Shawn McCusker, and Kyla Haimovitz join a panel moderated by Vic Vuchic to discuss what it took to be successful during the pandemic, powerful learning and its ties to equity, learner variability in remote learning and the integral role that technology and innovative have in supporting success in college and beyond.
Harbor H, Level 2, 4:40 p.m. PT


Teacher Voices on AI and the Risk of Bias: What Teachers Want and What They Worry About
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The increasing use of AI in education carries risks in terms of bias in data, algorithms, or human decisions informed by (or made by) AI-powered tools. Join Barbara Pape, Jim Larimore, Cassandra Herring, Jason Chong, and Satya Nitta on a panel discussing how educators can work proactively to identify and ameliorate risks, and inform the edtech industry about human-centered strategies to improve equity and reduce the risk of bias.
Harbor G, Level 2, 10:10 a.m. PT


Stage X: Digital Divide
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Join us on Stage X for a panel discussion with Jessica Rosenworcel, Jim Steyer, John King, Evan Marwell, and moderated by Jean-Claude Brizard on the need to close the digital divide in the U.S. and create more equitable and ubiquitous learning spaces through technology. While we’ve made good progress, there’s so much more to do in closing the homework and digital learning gap for all learners.
Seaport Ballroom A-E, Level 2, 8:00 a.m. PT


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