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Barco de Papel

Prepare yourself: Learn about the important ideas in this project

Various three-dimensional (3D) objects are made of two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as wood, sheet metal, cloth, and paper. Origami is an art form that consists entirely of using two-dimensional paper to create complex three-dimensional objects.

Origami works very well to make 3D objects from a simple and available material. But the role is not that hard. How do you feel about designing an object with paper, and then creating a plastic prototype with a 3D printer? We’re going to try it!

Practice: Try all the practice activities you would like to build

As an introduction to the 3D printing process and the TinkerCAD program completes the project Custom Cookie Cutter ” ( cookie cutter Custom ).

Use the Origami app on the HP Sprout to learn the art of folding paper. When you’ve learned the basics, look online for other patterns to fold, or try designing your own origami.

Follow this tutorial to make a paper vase and practice using the 3D scanner. First, use paper and tape to make a cone that you can scan. After scanning, you will use the Mesh Mixer app on your HP Sprout or another computer to correct any imperfections in the scan. Scanning in 3D is very useful, but it does not produce perfect results, so you will generally have to modify your digital model on the computer after scanning.

Produce: Explore the project and make it yours

Build a paper boat! Actually, you can make any object that combines your new origami skills and scan in 3D. Will you do something useful? Funny? Ornamental? Once you have finished folding the paper, scanning your model, correcting it in Mesh Mixer, and downloading the STL file, ask your teacher for permission to print it.

Produced by Digital Promise Global with the help of the Open Educational Resources used in this guide. Distributed to Learning Studios schools as part of HP, Inc. and Microsoft’s Reinvent the Classroom. A special thanks to Donovan Snyder for the Spanish translation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License . You can share this project or modified versions of it under this same license.

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