Post-Production - Digital Promise


By now, you should have a collection of footage and other elements that contain most, if not all, of your story. Now you just have to put them together! In this phase, you will learn how to edit 360° videos. You will probably find it useful to edit multiple times as you experiment with the best way to assemble your story. In the end, you will have a final cut to share with an audience.


Basic Editing Process

Examine the footage you have. Compare the original story concept and storyboard to the elements that were captured in Production and then test out multiple ways to assemble the footage in the story.


Copyright and Fair Use

Do not include copyrighted music or other outside media in your videos unless you have explicit permission to use it – you can use Creative Commons licensed, public domain, or your own musical creations.


Give Feedback on a Rough Cut

Media producers of all levels, from students to professionals, rely on feedback from their peers to help guide the post production process. It helps to have a perspective on your project from someone who can watch it with fresh eyes.

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