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Areas for Implementation

Creators use AR to accomplish a variety of goals. Below we share examples of the various ways AR experiences are used to connect with their audiences.

Social Impact

In the social impact space, AR is typically used to raise awareness about a cause or a project. AR helps transport the audience to the area where the project takes place.

  • WaterAid used AR to make their exhibition come to life.
  • Using AR, RYOT recreated Paris’ renowned Louvre Museum at a warehouse in Los Angeles, bringing art to local children.
  • Google’s ‘Sodar‘ is an AR tool for social distancing, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ona Stories made human-centered stories from Tanzania come alive using AR in their art gallery.


In business, AR is typically used in sales/retail, marketing, and manufacturing.

  • Retail: Companies allow customers to view and try out products using AR, e.g. Cosmetic Industry
  • Marketing: Through use of interactive and engaging sales and brand awareness, e.g. Marketing Experiences
  • Manufacturing: AR assists manufacturers to save time, reduce human error, and increase overall efficiency in production, e.g. AR in Manufacturing Industry


AR merges curricula with practical experiences by embedding text, images, 3D models, and videos on academic publications, e.g. AR in Education.


Different games are made in AR to give real-life context and make them immersive, e.g. AR in Gaming.

Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance staff use AR to get information and suggestions for potential fixes on items/machines, e.g. AR in Maintenance.


AR directs and guides people to locations, as well as allowing access to real-time information on specific objects by users pointing their camera viewfinders at specific objects, e.g. AR in Navigation


AR holds the potential to boost the depth and effectiveness of medical practice and training. For example, smart contact lenses which repel optical radiation such as this and in surgeries.

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