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Idea Development

This section provides an overview on the stages of idea development.


  • Offer guidance on idea development
  • Offer guidance on developing AR ideas relevant to your intended audience/market
  • Offer basics on designing AR concepts


Understanding Idea Development and Stages of Idea Development

This resource will help you understand the theory behind idea development. It outlines different techniques that you can use to flesh out your ideas. It also outlines the stages of creating an AR experience.


Why AR?

The first question to ask yourself is why AR is the best medium for your project. This resource “Why AR?” is designed to help you list the opportunities AR offers to your project as well as the limitations of AR.


Develop your AR Design Concept

This practice will help you refine your AR concept by focusing on your goals and audience.


Ideation template

This practice will help you try out your ideas, and check whether your ideas are feasible. A template is included, with an explanation on how to fill it out and examples to help you get started.


Pitch your AR Design Concept

This practice will help you develop a pitch, so that you can get peer feedback on your ideas.

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