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Evaluation and Observation Tools

Evaluation and Observation Tools

As you implement your CT pathway, it is important to gather data that informs progress and alignment with your established goals and vision. Such data points might include observations, interviews, surveys, and/or student participation or achievement data. Be intentional about how you will aggregate and reflect on this data to reflect your student equity subgroup. Multiple data points should be systematically integrated as part of an evaluation plan that enables your district to regularly evaluate the progress towards meeting each goal that you previously identified. Through this process, revisit your vision and set new goals periodically.  Your evaluation plan will inform the revision and development of resources associated with the pathway and future iterations of the work. 

Select some of the following tools to monitor the status of your pathway at the classroom, building, and district level.

  • Interviews provide opportunities to engage with teachers to hear their perspectives on the district’s computational thinking pathway. 
  • Surveys are effective ways to collect data from large groups of people and can help identify the best ways to keep stakeholders engaged in the development of your pathway moving forward.
  • Classroom observations allow partner teachers or building leaders to see a computational thinking lesson. This offers opportunities to see how students are reacting to and learning from the lesson as well as how the teacher is presenting the material. 
  • Student participation and achievement data at the district level can be aggregated by student demographics and other factors (e.g., class, school) to provide important insights about factors that may affect your equity subgroup.

As you using evaluations and observations, ask yourself:

  • What data can you collect that will inform progress towards each goal that you previously identified? 
  • How can you collect data that reflects diverse perspectives from multiple stakeholders, particularly your equity subgroup? 
  • Based on the data you have collected, are you meeting your district’s equity and implementation goals? If not, what adjustments do you need to make to meet your goals?

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