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Identify Competencies

Identify Competencies

Now it is time to identify the competencies that will guide your district’s pathway. A competency is an ability or skill that allows a student to complete a task. Within your pathway, your team should aim to identify 4-6 competencies that connect to your district’s larger vision and are strategically aligned with existing programs. It may be helpful to reference your state’s computational thinking, computer science, or digital literacy standards in order to select your competencies.

As you identify competencies, ask yourself: 

  • What competencies are highlighted in the state computing standards? 
  • What does each competency mean? How does it look in classroom practice?
  • How do the competencies we have identified align with our district vision and existing programs? 
  • Do teachers and other stakeholders agree that these competencies are a priority?
  • How do the identified competencies provide opportunities for students to share their own knowledge, particularly knowledge from family and community, and make connections to their cultural ways of knowing? 

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