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Lessons and Resources

Lessons and Resources

In addition to hands-on professional learning experiences, it is important for educators to have disciplinary-embedded grade level specific lessons and resources to integrate computational thinking. “Look for” documents can also support teachers to identify computational thinking practices in their instruction and self-reflect on strengths and opportunities in their classroom. Work with teachers within your district to identify available lessons and resources that align with your competency map, district standards, and routines from your district. This might include having teachers within your district design new lessons that can serve as examples for others. 


We suggest teachers start with these resources as examples and then adapt them to make them more relevant, accessible and inclusive for their students. Additionally, we suggest learners have multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning through different formative assessment tools, such as an artifact, think aloud and/or exit ticket. Consider how each resource can highlight topics and practices that intentionally include and highlight the knowledge of the equity subgroup that you have identified.

As you are developing example lessons and resources, ask yourself:

  • What resources do teachers typically reference when planning instruction? How can we align the resources from the CT pathway with these norms?
  • How can we explicitly design for the inclusion of the equity subgroup in the resources?
  • What resources has our district already developed or identified around computational thinking? What additional resources would be supportive to our teachers? 
  • What formative assessment tools can make student learning visible (e.g. artifacts, rubrics, think alouds)?
  • How can we support teachers to monitor their own progress integrating computational thinking? 

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