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Plan Implementation

Plan Implementation 

Implementing a pathway in your district begins with engaging stakeholders and requires buy-in from everyone: teachers, building leaders, students, families and more. While it is important to have a core leadership team to drive the work, it is also important to engage a diverse group of stakeholders. Once you have a draft of your pathway document, gather feedback on the document and help to make more connections to their context and priorities. A larger group of stakeholders including teachers, students, families, and community members can help ensure that the pathway is aligned to the vision that you established and connected to stakeholders in the community (e.g. local businesses and organizations). Making these connections is key to leveraging family and community resources to support learning. As you are engaging stakeholders, revisit your district vision and equity goal to ensure that you are engaging students, families, and community members from the equity subgroup that you identified and providing platforms for their opinions and foregrounding their voices within the process. 

In collaboration with the diverse group of stakeholders and based on a revised version of your pathway, it is time to define your rollout plan. Revisit the short term, mid term and long term goals that you established at the beginning of the process. Revise them based on what you have learned so far in the process. Now, develop your action plan to achieve your short term goal. This likely will require identifying a group of building and teacher leaders to pilot the pathway. It may be helpful to start with a small group of educators and to leverage existing networks of teacher leaders. Remember to center the equity subgroup in the pilot so you are able to reflect on progress towards your equity goal. 

As you plan implementation, ask yourself:

  • What members of our equity subgroup (e.g. district, school, and community members) have been included in the CT pathway development process to date?
  • Whose ideas and opinions have not been included in the CT pathway development process to date? How can we engage those members of our school community for feedback and ideas? 
  • How can a greater number of voices be part of the process moving forward as we iterate upon, expand, and implement our pathway?
  • How do we need to adjust our pathway based on feedback we have received? 
  • What opportunities exist to partner with community members outside of the school or district?
  • How has our district successfully piloted new initiatives in the past?
  • What existing networks of teachers and administrators are in place that could support the piloting of our CT pathway? 

Gather Feedback

Throughout the CT pathway development process, it is important to collect feedback about the district vision, competency map, and implementation for iterative improvements. Gathering feedback should occur at every stage of the development process and should engage various groups including those who are active within the district or schools and groups whose voices are not always heard. This is especially important as you center your equity goal in the pathway development process. 

As you gather feedback, ask yourself:

  • At what points are we making large decisions that should have the support of other members of our broader community (e.g., other teachers, building leaders, families, community members)? 
  • How can we get broader feedback from teachers and building leaders and use the feedback to cultivate buy-in within the district? 
  • What voices have not been included from the process so far? How can we engage those members of our school community for feedback and ideas? 
  • How can we effectively gather feedback from all families, particularly those whose students experience marginalization in computing? 
  • How can we gather feedback from students on the CT pathway, particularly those who experience marginalization in computing?

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