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Notice Inequity

Notice Inequity

While computing skills are essential for students to participate in our increasingly technological society, our education system has historically prepared only some students with these skills. This gap is reflected in the lack of diversity in computing classes and the technology workforce. Students who identify as Black or African American, Latinx/Latine, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, girls, gender non-binary, and students with disabilities experience exclusion from computing opportunities.In order to promote justice for students and society at large, it is important to begin the process of creating your pathway with a district equity goal in mind to ensure that students who experience marginalization in computing are at the center of your district’s work.

As you notice inequity in your district, ask yourself:

  • What groups of students are currently excluded from computing in our current offerings?
  • How can our district go beyond providing access to computing and computational thinking to ensure that access is inclusive and equitable?

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