Tools and Findings from the Field - Digital Promise

Tools and Findings from the Field

Through our EdClusters research cohort and other initiatives, Digital Promise has produced several tools to assist EdClusters as they form and develop. From building strong networks to assessing networks for equity, these tools cover topics that our EdClusters network identified as most important to their work on the ground.

Asset Mapping: A Guide for Education Innovation Clusters
Asset mapping is a tool for identifying and visualizing existing strengths in a community. It can help EdClusters highlight resources so students, families, and other education innovators have an easier time making connections and finding solutions. Asset maps can cover many topics and take many forms; this toolkit provides guiding questions and resources to streamline the development of your map, from ideation to completion.

Principles for Building a Learning Ecosystem – Lessons Learned from Tucson, Arizona
The EdCluster in Tucson, Arizona, has successfully mobilized to support community partnerships and real-world learning in their region. In this case study, we explore several of Tucson’s success stories and present a framework for building strong education ecosystems in any community.

Planning a Social Network Analysis
The most critical component of a healthy EdCluster is a strong network. As EdClusters across the nation grow within their regions, it’s important to take stock of the relationships that are available to build and strengthen. This toolkit provides a simplified approach to Social Network Analysis, which is a research method of understanding relationships and connections between individuals, groups, and things. This approach helps us understand who is working with whom, how information is given or acquired, how power is concentrated or shared within an organization, and how special interest groups form and function.

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