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How It Works

Digital Promise has designed a framework to guide the development of each micro-credential. This framework ensures that each micro-credential:


  • Focuses on a single competency
  • Has a key method that is backed by research
  • Requires the submission of evidence
  • Includes a rubric or scoring guide

Earning a Micro-credential

Once educators have selected micro-credentials they wish to earn, they develop the required evidence and submit it through the online platform. View sample micro-credentials here. Each micro-credential requires evidence such as:

  • A project or lesson plan, including evaluation guides or scoring rubrics
  • Student work samples
  • Text, audio, or video of a classroom interaction
  • Text, audio, or video of a teacher reflecting on the challenges faced and lessons learned while planning and teaching
  • Text, audio, or video of a student reflecting on their learning
  • Classroom observation results

To power our micro-credential system, Digital Promise has developed a platform that creates a seamless browsing experience for educators who are seeking competency-based recognition. Educators can begin exploring and applying for micro-credentials on the Digital Promise Platform.

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