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Learning Analytics

As learning scientists working at the intersection of school improvement and data-intensive research, we develop tools and insights to improve learning environments at scale.

Central to each learning analytics project is a commitment to partnering with practitioners in order to solve problems that are relevant to them and their stakeholders. We use the tools of improvement science within each partnership, as well as apply the science of improvement to our own work, to continuously refine the ways in which we work with schools, universities, and technology developers. We’re currently building out this area of work, and hope to add more projects soon.


  • Secure Student Data Network – We are collaborating with K-12 schools on the Data Accelerator Program.
  • TeamSpace – TeamSpace is a collaborative, cloud-based analytics workspace being developed by Digital Promise to support secure and collaborative data analyses within research-practice partnerships.
  • We also help other projects—including the Learner Variability Project and OpenSciEd—answer their driving questions and get the most out of the data they collect and store.
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