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Join the Research

Digital Promise is seeking university statistics faculty and institutions to join us in a multi-year research project examining how interactive courseware, combined with equity-minded student-centered pedagogy, affect statistics learning outcomes and course success.

This cohort will contribute to the field’s understanding of how to enhance engagement and learning in Introductory Statistics, especially for students of color and those entering college with some holes in their preparation for college-level math.

If you are interested in joining our cohort, please email Our Future Cohort Member Application form will be available in December 2022.

Completing this form does not require you nor your institution to participate if selected. Nor does it guarantee you or your institution will be selected to participate.

Who Can Join

  • Instructors who teach Introductory Statistics (on behalf of yourself or your department), regardless of your title or role
  • Department leads or chairs of programs that include Introductory Statistics courses
Interested in joining our cohort? Click here. If the link does not open, please email

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