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Learning Studio Experience

What kind of learning experience do you want to create in the Learning Studio? By thoughtfully designing the Learning Studio experience, we anticipate you will observe that:

  • Students are deeply engaged in learning;
  • Students demonstrate ownership of their learning;
  • Students understand the value of taking on another perspective;
  • Students understand that systems and products could be designed differently;
  • Students take action to improve their local and global communities.

Explore tips for facilitating engaging and inclusive Learning Studio spaces in the articles below.

Creating a Positive Learning Studio Culture

A Learning Studio is a place where learners define the problems they want to solve and design solutions to address them. Creating a student-driven learning space not only means allowing students to have agency over their learning, but creating an inclusive environment where every student is supported and encouraged to reach their highest potential.

Create your culture

Core Values of Maker Learning

The Learning Studios embrace the goals and methodologies of teaching and learning that have become known as Maker Learning. Maker Learning experiences share three core values: Agency, Authenticity, and Audience. By creating projects, assessments, and other learning experiences in the spirit of these values we can help to ensure deeper learning and engagement from students in the Learning Studios.

Agency, Authenticity, Audience

Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning (CBL) provides an efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real-world Challenges. The framework is collaborative and hands-on, asking all participants (students, teachers, families, and community members) to identify big ideas, ask good questions, identify and solve challenges, gain deep subject area knowledge, develop 21st century skills, and share their experience with the world.

Engage, Investigate, Act

Documenting Maker Projects

All educators struggle with how to assess projects. We know that the final product is not always the clearest or best display of the learning and thinking that the student experienced. By helping students document and reflect on their projects in-process, you help make their learning more visible for the students and for teachers.

Document your work

Global Competence

One goal of the Learning Studios program is to support educators as they develop globally competent students. Explore opportunities for students to apply global competence to making, and connect with their peers around the world.

Make with global competence

Community Partnerships

Educators are encouraged to discover how they can connect the Learning Studio with other individuals and organizations in their local community. Partnerships between the Learning Studio and the community give students an opportunity to use their problem-solving skills for an authentic user and purpose.

Discover opportunities

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