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HP Teaching Fellowship Application

A teacher in a lab coat holding up a graduated cylinder. Text next to her reads Apply to Join the 2023 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows. Apply by July 4

Applications are Now Closed

Applications for the current Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows are currently closed and will most likely reopen between May-June of 2024.

If you are interested in applying and would like to be notified when applications for the next cohort are live, please complete this interest form.

In the meantime, you can connect with us on Twitter and check out our previous webinars and blogs to learn more about current fellows. And, if you have questions about the requirements for the HP Teaching Fellowship, you can reach us at reinventtheclassroom@digitalpromise.org.


When does the application open?

I have other questions. How can I get additional information?

When does the application close?

When will interviews take place?

When will new HP Teaching Fellows be selected and notified?

What are the qualifications to become an HP Teaching Fellow?

On average, what is the time commitment?

What is expected of HP Teaching Fellows?

For those that participate in the Fellowship, what are the benefits?

For additional questions or inquiries, email us at reinventtheclassroom@digitalpromise.org.

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