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Design Thinking

In our globally connected world, being able to understand different perspectives is an essential part of engaging and taking action. By using design thinking processes, students and teachers create solutions to open-ended challenges. Central to this process are human-centered design frameworks and techniques that encourage working with the user of a product to design empathetic solutions.

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Incorporating User Insights to Design for the Blind

“The Spanish National Organization for the Blind (ONCE) came to do a workshop with the students, where they experienced how it feels to move around their class and building without the use of sight (they were wearing masks), how braille works and what the challenges are in the daily lives of blind people at school, at work and at home. The workshop was for a project in which students are designing and creating braille signs for a blind student in our primary school who is learning braille at the moment. These signs will enable her to move around the different rooms and areas she uses with better autonomy. The students will also create a guide for non-blind students and teachers with printed alphabet letters and their braille equivalent. These guides will be 3D printed so students and teachers can interpret the signs and become more aware of the blind pupil’s environment and daily life around the school.” – David Hispano, Fundació Collserola, Bellaterra, Spain. Learn More.

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