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Skills for Building

In recent years, digital fabrication tools that dramatically increase an individual’s ability to create and duplicate precise structures have become available to consumers and small businesses. At the same time, tools for programming computers, robots, and other electronics have followed a similar path to accessibility. Students need the skills of fabrication and coding to turn their solutions and designs into prototypes and then into reality.

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3D Design and Modeling for Learners of All Levels

“I modified Custom Cookie Cutter to use with younger students by having students build their desired cookie shape with model magic. I then had the kids draw the outline. Some did this by tracing using the Sprout and some just drew with pencil and we scanned the drawing. I then converted their drawings to a .svg file and then I uploaded it in Tinkercad for students to adjust and then we printed.” – Cynthia Duncan, Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School in Sitka, Alaska

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