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Skills for Inventing

From wood and brick to electronics and computer code, the objects we interact with on a daily basis are designed and made by people. The next generation of leaders, thinkers, designers, and builders must understand the way physical and digital objects in the world are constructed and feel confident in their ability to construct their own. The skills of engineering and design are fundamental to how we generate ideas, build and test models, and ultimately begin to implement solutions to the most difficult problems.

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Let Learners Lead

“Prior to our 6th Grade STEM Day, I had very little experience with 3D modeling and printing. Learners arrived at the middle school this year with significantly more experience on Tinkercad than I have had as an adult learner. While I provided resources to help guide learners with their projects, the greatest resource was the collective intelligence within the room. I recall many times where learners made new discoveries of functions that I did not know existed. My advice: Don’t wait, jump in! You don’t have to be the expert. You just have to be comfortable with learning alongside your learners and asking them for help.” – Andrea Kornowski, Kettle Moraine Middle School in Dousman, Wisconsin

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Additional Resources

Watch: Invention Literacy by Tom Heck (Learning Studios webinar)
Watch: Invention Literacy by Jay Silver
Watch: Hack a banana, make a keyboard by Jay Silver (TED)
Read: Invention Literacy Research by Colleen Graves

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