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OpenSciEd Research Agenda

OpenSciEd Research Agenda

At Digital Promise, we are committed to developing and activating a research agenda that can move OpenSciEd forward as an opportunity for the science education community. With support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, we are organizing a wide range of stakeholders — including STEM education designers, researchers, teachers and administrators, and program officers — to collaboratively develop and launch an OpenSciEd Research Agenda that attends to issues of equity in science education.

OpenSciEd aims to develop and disseminate high-quality, multi-year, NGSS-aligned curricula and supporting materials. The science education community needs rigorous research studies that examine the potential of OpenSciEd to improve outcomes and identify what steps schools and districts that use and adopt OpenSciEd need to take to realize this potential.

In the coming months, we will be hosting convenings, workshops, and working groups to develop a research agenda as well as build community and form productive partnerships. Through these partnerships, we aim to articulate promising research questions, establish appropriate methodological approaches, and generate an equity-centered approach. 

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Learn more about our upcoming plans and goals with our timeline below.

March 2021

Opening Plenary

April 2021

Working Group Parallel Session 1

May 2021

Working Group Parallel Session 2

June 2021

Working Group Parallel Session 3

Late June 2021

Closing Plenary

September 2021

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