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What are Important Research Questions in Open Access Science Education?

This OpenSciEd webinar included opening remarks from James Ryan (Executive Director of OpenSciEd) and a panel discussion on the future of open access science education. Panelists include Angela DeBarger, Michael Ford, Tiffany Neill, Eileen Carlton Parsons, and Tricia Shelton.

OpenSciEd Research Agenda Kickoff

This kickoff webinar presented perspectives on OpenSciEd research, innovation, and classroom enactment. Featured speakers include Jean Claude Brizard, Jim Short, Jeremy Roschelle, Ohkee Lee, Cheryl Czarnik, and Daniel Edelson.

Opportunities and challenges of OpenSciEd assessment

This webinar highlighted three examples of current assessment research related to OpenSciEd and engaged presenters in a panel discussion. Guest speakers include William Penuel, Cari Herrman Abell, Jill Wertheim, and Aneesha Badrinarayan.

Practitioner-reported Needs for Enacting, Implementing, and Adopting OpenSciEd Curriculum Materials

Science education leaders discuss OpenSciEd practitioners’ most urgent needs and the implications for researchers, educational leaders, and policy makers as well as OpenSciEd innovators, developers, and service providers.

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