The Journey - Digital Promise

The Journey

The Digital Promise Journey is a change management blueprint for schools and educators that serves as a guide through the activities necessary for a successful digital transformation implementation. Developed over years of hands-on experience with dozens of K-12 districts, the Journey addresses eight essential stages in three phases (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Digital Promise Journey


At the core of the Journey are the eight essential questions that guide each stage:

Phase I: Ready

1. Are you ready to commit to digital transformation?
2. Are you ready to manage digital learning environments?
3. Are you ready to launch by putting devices in the hands of your students?

Phase II: Set

4. Do your learners have always-available access to devices and the Internet?
5. Are your learners digitally literate and responsible in their use?

Phase III. Go

6. Are you focused on continuous improvement?
7. Are you engaging in powerful use of technology for learning?
8. Are your learners increasing in confidence and agency?

All engagements use the Journey as a blueprint, and Digital Promise consultants work with districts to customize engagements to meet the needs of each district. Depending on where your district is, Digital Promise consultants help you target one, several or all of the stages of the Journey. As a result, engagements vary in length and format depending on your needs.

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